About us

I am persuaded of these principles:


  • Existence exists and only existence exists.
  • I exist and I am conscious.
  • The world exists independently of me.
  • I am capable of learning about the world.
  • In order to succeed, I must learn about the world and I must act in accordance with that knowledge.
  • My success is my responsibility.


  • I alone can give my life meaning.
  • In order to give my life meaning, I must choose my life’s purposes.
  • By my own estimate, I shall choose high and noble goals for my life.
  • I will undertake to learn what is necessary to achieve my goals.
  • I will apply myself to their achievement.


  • Self-esteem is possible in a free world where I am capable of action and do in fact act to create values.
  • Well being is achieved by the full exercise of my faculties in accordance with virtue.
  • My highest purpose is to achieve my full and unique potential.


  • I can best achieve my purposes among other people of like values in society.
  • In order to succeed I will treat others with justice, respect, consideration, and kindness.


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The Fellowship of Reason®  (Atlanta, Georgia) is a reason-based moral community our first meeting was Sunday, November 1, 1998.

“What if we all lived as if this were our only life, with reason and knowledge as our truest guides? Join us as we endeavor to flourish together. Come delight in our fellowship, shared interests, celebration of achievements, and love of life-long learning.”

As you explore our website you will find that our members are very excited by continuing adult education.

Our primary focus during our premier event, called FORum, is ethics. Currently, we are exploring the Aristotelian idea that the goal of moral activity is The Beautiful.

Our FOR Sunday school is currently studying The Beautiful. Sunday School is 10:00- 10:30 a.m. first Sunday of the month, followed by FORum at 11:00 – 12:00 a.m. Most of us continue with lunch at a nearby family-friendly restaurant.

If you are interested in ethics and education, you may enjoy our community.

The Fellowship of Reason, Inc. is a Georgia non-profit corporation. We are an IRS 501(c)(3) organization. Check IRS status here using our EIN: 58-2659457. Our first meeting was on Sunday, November 1, 1998. We have been meeting continuously since then. Our monthly meeting is on the first Sunday of every month at 10 a.m. at the Atlanta Freethought Hall, 4775 N. Church Lane SE, Smyrna, GA 30080. We have a large number of activities each month. See our Meetup.com site for complete details.

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