Vera Gottfried Norman

Our now deceased beloved lifetime charter member, born 01-18-1940, died 04-18, 2011

Content of Program for Vera’s Memorial Service:

From Vera’s last post on her Facebook page, dated April 6, 2011, regarding her personal tally on the BBC Book List Challenge, “Being old is definitely an advantage. I have had a longer time to read than most. But, age can be a disadvantage–I remember having read many of these, but on a quiz I would have a hard time remembering the details.”

Somehow, I doubt Vera would forget the salient details of any great book she’d read, even years prior, for I was inspired time and again witnessing her recollection of the subtle details of the personal stories of those she befriended. A prize conversationalist, she drew out our details and drew us in to her.

May we all honor Vera, her enjoyment of great books, her delight in cooking and sharing her delicious creations with family and friends, her life-long and varied educational pursuits, her insightful conversations, her loyal friendships, and her achievement of wisdom and serenity through a life well-led, by carrying on those traditions in our own lives.