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November - Classic Film Appreciation Course by Steve Whiteman

October - The Fountainhead: Understanding the Fellowship of Reason by Martin Cowen

August - FORum is for Us! by Ron Menich

July - The Color Canyon Divides by Trent Watkins

June - A History of Compassion by Vera Norman

May - How to Tell an Ancient Greek from an Ancient Hebrew by Vera Norman

April - Leadership in the Fellowship of Reason by Martin Cowen

March - Love of Learning = Love of Wisdom = Philosophy by Martin Cowen

February - The Leauge of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Ladies by Martin Cowen

January - The Freedom to Discipline by Kate Allen


May - Trust Me, I'm a Scientist by David Ziebell

April - Building Community in a Congregation by Kate Allen

March - The Potlatch, or What is Community Service? by Martin Cowen

January - President's Note by David Ziebell


December - Hyderabad by Ron Menich

November - The Past, Present, and Future of FOR by Kathleen Allen

October - Be Nice to Yourself: On "Getting Small" by Martin Cowen

September - The Vocabulary of Ethics by Martin Cowen

June - Atheism is Irrelevant by Martin Cowen

May (revised) - Reason Saves: The Human Necessity for Community as the World Progresses by Jessica Barber

March - Ethics 102 by Martin Cowen

February - Ethics 101 by Martin Cowen

January - Platinum by Ron Menich


December - In the Company of Friends by Martin Cowen

November - On the Morality of My Job by Ronald P. Menich

October - Why I Am Not an Atheist by Martin Cowen

September - What Are the Sources of Values? by Martin Cowen

August - Fellowship of Reason Temple by Steve Butterbaugh

July - Reasoning: Abductio Ad Absurdum by Ronald P. Menich

June - Engineering: Ignition Sequence Start by Ronald P. Menich

May - Beyond Consciousness-as-an-Axiom by David Ziebell

April - The Spirituality of Freedom by Steve Butterbaugh

March 2007 - John P. Parker: Runaway Slave Become Inventor by Tom Welch

February - "Anousheh, Irshad and Wafa" by John C. Snider

January - Finding FOR by new member Kate Allen


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