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What is the Fellowship of Reason?


Fellowship of Reason (FOR) is a reason-based ethical community based in Atlanta, Georgia.  The organization was founded by attorney Martin L. Cowen III.  Members share a belief in eudaimonism (pronounced yoo-DIE-mon-ism), a theory that embraces Reason as the best method for determining moral principles and for achieving personal happiness.  FOR focuses on:


Social opportunities; Fellowship; Friendship; Community

A Reason-Based Approach to Life

Support of Personal Mission or Goals; Purposeful Living; Individual Flourishing

An Ethical Community (Eudaimonism)

Lifelong Learning

Living Reflectively or Consciously

Recognition of Life Events and Human Excellence


Although most FOR members live in Georgia, the organization currently has members in several other states and three foreign countries (England, Canada and Sweden).


FOR is a Georgia nonprofit corporation.  View our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.



In what do members of FOR believe?

How can I explain FOR to others? (FOR Talking Points)

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How may I join?

What is "Eudaimonism"?

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